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Clean Up LEGO Made Easy

HappyBag MAX for LEGO (with Coloring Doodle Playmat)

HappyBag MAX for LEGO (with Coloring Doodle Playmat)

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Introducing HappyBag™ Doodle™ MAX.
Create Happy Memories With Your Kids.
Enjoy Colouring Fun and LEGO

Unlimited fun with Doodle MAX designed by HappyBag. Created with a versatile playmat that can be colored with your felt pens. Keep your kids engaged for hours with LEGO playing and coloring fun on Doodle MAX playmat.

Tap into the art of coloring with this joyful, bright toy storage bag brimmed with a dash of fun. Take out all your felt pens and markers, and go crazy coloring in these fun designs. Be creative and make a beautiful bag that your toys and LEGO will love. It’s all yours so put your artist hat on!

KEEP YOUR KIDS BUSY - Let your kids personalize their very own Doodle™ MAX playmat. Forging beautiful childhood memories with a wonderful playmat coloured by themselves.

SAVE KEEPING TIME - Keep your kids' LEGO pieces and toys in 3 seconds without having the hassle of spending a long time and tiring effort to keep all the toys clutter.

EASY TO CLEAR - Clear all the LEGO and toys by simply pulling up the drawstring colourable play mat and let all the toys slide back into the basket in the blink of an eye.

PLAY SMARTER - Pour out all the LEGO and toys on the bright contrasting white playmat which makes it so much easier for your kids to find the LEGO pieces they want while completing their favorite build.

IDENTIFIED SPACE - Kids definitely love to have an identified playing space of their own which is known as their territory playground. The 52" big bright colorable playmat works to attract your kids to play on it, and their LEGO and toys stay on it.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Doodle MAX basket and the attached big white playmat are made of high-quality durable polyester fabric materials. It is abrasion-resistant and children-friendly. It can stands on its own even when it's empty.

PARENTHOOD SATISFACTION - Let your kids unleashed their creativity and have fun in colouring Doodle MAX playmat. No stepping on your kids' LEGO pieces anymore. Not wasting time to pick up LEGO piece by piece. No toys clutter around the house anymore. Yet, your kids can still play to the fullest. Perfect. 👌

Colouring Fun and LEGO Playing For Your Kids To Unleash Their Creativity

HappyBag Doodle

Your Kids Can Colour and Personalize Their Very Own HappyBag

HappyBag's Doodle MAX has been designed by parents to deliver maximum fun for your restless kids without worrying about toys keeping later on. Pour out all the LEGO bricks, toys, and color marker felt pens directly onto the built-in colourable playmat connected with the basket. Creating identified play space for your little ones. Once they finish having their fun time, just simply pull up and keep all the stuff back to the basket in less than one second. Keep all the clutter out of sight. 
 HappyBag Doodle

Keep all your toys and keep the basket at one corner in the house. Quality materials used and unique color of the basket designed to blend into your current modernized home environment. Rope handles on both sides of the basket for the convenience of moving the basket around. Close up the lid to hide the toy stash.

HappyBag Doodle

HappyBag Doodle

Stepping on LEGO is a thing of the past.

Easy to clean up all clutters on the playmat in one second. Contain all the messiness immediately with one pull. Pull the drawstring handles up, slide all the toys in and Voila! It's all clean and done in less than a minute! No hassle picking up each toy or even each LEGO piece one by one.

  • HappyBag's Doodle MAX is a perfect addition to living rooms, kids' playroom, and bedroom! A high-quality toy storage solution that simply looks awesome in your house.
  • The basket includes an attached 52" big colourable playmat that slides out to hold toys on. Simply pull the handles with drawstring closure and slide the toys back in the basket when finished playing. The playmat easily fits on top of the toys in the basket so it can all be stored away from sight and close with a lid.
  • The attached colourable playmat is soft enough for play, yet sturdy enough to stash all the toys into the basket. A two-inch lip on the edge of the mat ensures toys stay in place through play. Recommended to hand wash only for recolouring.
  • Use the drawstrings to slide the attached playmat back into the basket in one quick slide; tucking toys away and out of sight until further play.
  • Durable, stylish grey handles allow you to carry the basket with toys and LEGO wherever your kids want to play.
  • MAX dimensions: 12" height x 12" diameter, especially measured and designed to blend into modern homes.
  • MAX can keep approximately 3000 pieces of LEGO in it.

HappyBag's Doodle™ MAX Can Hold All Of These ToysHappyBag Doodle

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