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HappyBag MARCHE Bag

HappyBag MarchéECO-FRIENDLY - Reusable for different occasions and save the environment by saying NO to single-use plastic bags and disposable paper bags. Trendy and cool designs for parents. No more old-fashioned reusable bags.

SAVE TIME - Keep all your stuff fast into our HappyBag MARCHÉ whenever you need it! One large bag to conveniently carry everything in place. Our MARCHÉ bag's unique self-folded function will definitely save your time on folding to keep the bag.

EASY TO KEEP - Snap and roll the whole MARCHÉ Bag into a handy palm-sized bun to keep it aside. It's bothersome to have an eco-bag!” Such a voice is the catalyst for development. With such a voice, “making eco-bags easy to fold” started.

MAGICALLY CONVENIENT - MARCHÉ Bag can expand into an extra-large size (carrying a maximum of 31 liters or 15 kilograms of weight) within a second. No need to bring other bulky carrier bags or flimsy reusable bags anymore.

PREMIUM QUALITY - It is made of high-quality durable Herringbone Nylon polyester fabric. It is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and children-friendly. MARCHÉ Bag is your cost-effective long term sustainable solution.

Never Bothersome To Have An Eco-Bag!HappyBag MARCHE Bag

Save Your Time To Pack And UnpackHappyBag MARCHE Bag

Snap And Keep The Bag In Just One Sec!HappyBag MARCHE BagHappyBag MARCHE BagHappyBag MARCHE BagHappyBag MARCHE Bag

MARCHÉ Bag Specifications

HappyBag's MARCHÉ Bag Dimensions: 15.7" Length x 15.7" Height
Maximum Carrying Weight: 15 Kilograms
Maximum Carrying Size: 31 Liters
Material: Fiber Strength of 9.5 grams/denier Herringbone Nylon Polyester
(Waterproof with elastic handle band and tough shoulder strap)

Available Designs
1. Pink Camo
2. Red Navy

3. Wild Leopard
4. Dark Camo
5. Black Panther
6. Wild ZebraHappyBag MARCHE Bag

HappyBag MARCHE BagHappyBag MARCHE Bag

How To Use The MARCHÉ BagHappyBag MARCHE BagHappyBag MARCHE Bag

Stop Using Single-Use Plastic Bags.

We are proud to introduce MARCHÉ Bag as we encourage all to eliminate single-use plastic from their everyday lives. This sustainable and reusable MARCHÉ bag is the best alternative for everyone to #ShopResponsibly whenever they need an Eco Bag.

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